Burnet | HCF - Life Studies Area | 6:00 am  //   Marble Falls | Chick-Fil-A | 6:00 am  //  Horseshoe Bay | Quail Point | 8:00am

Hill Country Fellowship Men meet for a dynamic time of in-depth Bible study and fellowship every Thursday in three different locations.

Men of all ages being equipped to be godly leaders at home, work, and in the community. 


9:00am  | Life Studies Area | Precept Study "The Gospel of Mark" | Led by Roz Keeney

10:00am  | Youth Room | "Proven" by Jeannie Allen | Led by Sarah Frerking

11:00am | Marble Falls Mojo | "Proven" by Jeannie Allen | Led by Leslie Cotton

12:00pm | Life Studies Area | Digging Deeper in the Psalms | Led by Kaye Kubeczka & Barbara Orr

Prayer Shawl Ministry | 11:00am - 2:00pm | Prayer Room | Bring lunch if you desire.

Newby to professional, come crochet, sew or knit shawls for people who need a healing touch from the Lord. (materials provided)


6:00am | Unshakable Grounds | "Job" by Lisa Harper | Led by Jeanette Mayer

6:30pm | Ministry House | "You bring the Confetti, God brings the Joy" by Luci Swindoll