student pastoR   

    Hunter is our resident mountain man. He loves to be in the great outdoors with his sweet wife Kendall and their son, Beau. Hunter also loves to eat, especially late in the evenings when he loves a little midnight snack of chips and salsa. Hunter has a real passion for taking students to the next level with Jesus, and also is the only pastor at Hill Country Fellowship who can throw it down with authority on the basketball court.

  • levi holder


    Levi brings a maturity beyond his years to the Agape ministry at HCF.  He loves reading his favorites such as Oswald Chambers and Tozer and has a reflective soul.  He carries over this reflection onto the lakes while he loves to fish.  Levi also is a great musician and song-writer.  God has great things in store for Levi, and we are privileged to have him with us at HCF.

  • kevin fleagle

    student ministry intern   

    We met Kevin at Camp Eagle.  He was a counselor who made an impression on Hunter  & Bill. He's a bit of an old soul who loves completing thousand-piece puzzles, fishing, and Jesus.  During the week, he helps Hunter with students and Bill with facilities.  On the weekends, he watches Parks and Rec. and dreams of one day owning a zoo in Australia or fishing a salmon run in Alaska.