• bill perry

    facilities director  circleemail

    There’s only one Bill Perry. He is constantly a man on a mission, and keeps us out of much trouble, though he has been known to schedule fire-alarms to interrupt meetings he wishes to avoid. Bill also loves to stop and share stories of what God is showing him, and although we don’t always follow the connections, we know the story will end with Jesus. In his spare time, he loves to work on his jeep, bicycle around town, or ref in our 326 Hoops League.

  • pam haile

    FACILITIES member  circleemail

    Pam is a definition of a tireless worker. We’re confident that no one has ever seen her in a state of inactivity. She also fits the definition of a servant of God, as she constantly helps keep the facilities clean and looking great. When she’s not using her talent at Hill Country Fellowship, she can be found shopping/hitting garage sales in the area where she loves to find under-appreciated treasures. She also is easily startled, so on slow days sometimes we lie in waiting to get a guaranteed response.

  • Donna Williams

    hospitality director  circleemail

    Donna is the woman you want to be friends with, because as HCF’s Betty Crocker, she’s always cooking the good stuff. She is never without an entertaining anecdote about her husband John or her many children. Donna and John have adopted three children from Haiti and shine a light wherever they go. If she’s not cooking in the kitchen, Donna is finding someone else to love and serve; she truly has the gift of service and hospitality.